Who'd have thought 20 years ago that using the right groundbait would come to play such a dominant part in fishing?

Well, now every angler knows that introducing the correct feed to draw fish into a swim and keep them happy once they've arrived can make all the difference to the end result.

Four times world champion Bob Nudd was one of the first British anglers to realise the importance of groundbait, and since teaming up with Belgian Marcel Van den Eynde, Bob has been developing top-quality Van den Eynde products for the UK market.

The basic approach to groundbait is simple. The ingredients within your chosen mix should attract and hold the fish in your swim without overfeeding them.

But there's much more to it than that, and in this Van den Eynde website, we reveal many of the secret recipes and tricks used by the country's top anglers to keep them one step ahead.

We'll tell you which grounbaits to use and when, how to mix them, and there's a special section on the fast-growing area of groundbait and additives for carp.



Liquid AdditivesStrawberry A sweet additive for summer fishing. Spray it onto groundbaits or hook bait. Much loved by big roach.

Molasses Many top bream anglers swear by Liquid Molasses for added attraction to groundbait. Sweet and sugar-based.

Brasem A sweet, caramel flavour and aroma makes this Liquid Brasem a perfect summer additive to any bream groundbait.

Pellet Brilliant for carp, Van Den Eynde Liquid Pellet can be squirted onto baits and grounbaits or used as part of a paste mix.

Other liquid additives...corn, cheese, meat, green lipped mussel, scopex, tutti frutti, worm & predator plus