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Scotts Match Blog 2014 Round 4 Poole Hall

Well round 4 is quickly onto venue pool hall heron pool. This is a new venue to us a big lake and at a good price so fingers crossed it will be a good match. With a good breakfast inside us we thought this could be good, at the draw nobody really knew where you wanted to be, I drew on the split with another 4 people but at the top I did fancy it for a few fish, I set up a long pole rig on the bottom at 13m about 5ft in depth 4x16 float with 0.16 to 0.12 to a size 16 b911,A 5m line same depth so same float and main line but 0.14 hook length, a edge rig 4x12, 0.16 to 0.14 to a b911 extra strong size 16. And a shallow rig finished it off 4x12 0.14 to 0.12 to a size 16 b911. Bait consisted of worms and casters out long on the bottom meat at 5 m and maggots down the edge. I started off at 13 m on the bottom and fed a cup full of worms and casters and a head of worm on the hook started off the match good catching skimmers and odd small carp, then it suddenly died, so came into the 5 m line no bites there tried down edge no luck o dear so I started another line out at 14.5m on worms on the bottom and caught a few more fish untill it died, so I was coming to the conclusion there is not enough fish in here, I started another line then at 16 m not much worm but mainly casters and started feeding casters over the top with 3 red maggots on the hook started to catch again then died came shallow over the same line and started to catch again very hard match but I did enjoy it. I won the match with 64lb and section win more importantly 2nd in match 44lb not a good venue with 16 anglers weighing in less than 10 lb so won't b going again. Hard venues catch what u can when peg dies move and start another line up, roll on next week at Thorpe fishery as cancelled pool hall . Tight lines

Scotts Match Blog 2014 Round 3 The Jam Factory

Well we are back at lower Broadheath on the same pools but we cross over so people on old will fish ash and other way round. The draw not the best if draws again peg 5 on ash no form on the peg two end pegs to contend with again, tackle set up was the same but no feeder rod, and a 6 meter line was added so all rigs the same as round two, started match off on the bottom long feeding pellets and fishing hard pellet had a couple if fish early but the whole lake was fishing hard so head down and try and catch anything after bites dried up and not much action on the long pole came into the 6 m line few skimmers was caught on there on pellet and corn, no action down the margins so it was back out there on long pole no bites everywhere fishing hard out came the shallow rig no bites off nothing, this is hard time to change stop feeding pellets and change to maggots long on pole 6 or 7 big pouches of maggots out comes the 5 ft shallow rig 3 red maggots and bingo under it goes had a very good hour where carp was falling to my bait but then went down hill 14.5 m section snapped in half and after that the fish wouldn't come in closer I managed a couple more fish but that was the end of the match, I knew I had done well in section which was the main thing I finished up with 53 lb and section win and lake win didn't fish well atall but job done. Now I'm on 8 points, round 4 at pool hall .

Scotts Match Blog 2014 Round 2 The Jam Factory


Hi all,

 round 2 of the league found us at lower Broadheath on ash & old pool, the venue has had a lot of work done to it with a lot of gardening work been done and will defiantly improve the fishery. The draw today found me on old pool peg 2 not the best of draws as I had two end pegs in my section with the wind blowing into them and been a 6 peg section today I thought I would do well to come 3rd, so here goes I set a pellet feeder rod up today I was in the middle of the pool so thought I might catch a few on it early, pole rigs was 14.m deep rig 1.25 gm Mal salter bodied float, it's about 10ft at 14.5m,main line 0.16 to 0.12 both colmic stream to a b911 16, and a identical rig but with a hair rig on maver cs24 18 to 0.12 for banded pellet, two shallow rigs one set at 5 ft 4 x 14 float again a Mal salter slim bodied float ( just like me ha ha), and a 2 ft shallow rig both 0.14 colmic line to a b911 16, and then a edge rig 0.16 to 0.14 for tight to the bank and to the next pallet. Bait consisted of 6m pellets to be fed long on the pole at 14.5m, a tin of corn, some micro pellets for feeder & a tub of maggots for down the edge,match started with me on the feeder not a good start no liners no bites so was already thinking of next move after half hour with no bites I do like to leave my main lines where I think I'm going to catch for some time just to give them a bit of confidence, all the time I was feeding 6 m pellets onto my long pole line, after 45 min no bites decided to go on pole, 1st chuck on pole float dipped on a banded 6m pellet struck 1st fish into the net, had a few more on that but was very hard, much to windy to be fishing shallow so had a look down the edge with no look what so ever back out onto the long line odd fish really struggling, so picked up other pole rig for on the bottom with normal hook on and put 3 red maggots on still feeding pellets and started to catch some of his stockies thay r about 2 lb least was putting some fish in the net was looking down my section and could see peg 6 catching and other odd fish caught in my section I really needed a section win but thought to myself 2 nd will do kept havin a look down the margin but nothing and finished off picking up odd fish on the long pole on maggots over pellets. Match finished peg 6 had 53 lb I thought he had a lot more than that so was very disappointed to weigh in 49 lb and section 2nd, so what I'm saying concentrate on your own match and don't see what others r doing so after two matches got 7 points must do better. Round 3 to follow.   



Scotts match blog 2014 Round 1 manor farm boundary

Hi all,I will be starting my blogs again on the matches I fish, the only ones at this stage I won't be showing are our matches at lower Broadheath as it's our home venue for supercup if we don't get a home draw in next round I will put the matches up I have fished as the place is on fire at the moment hope you all understand.

1st round of the spring league manor farm leisure, we was on boundary on which is a difficult pool but normally we can find a few fish, I drew peg 9 which is a ok area but with every peg in it turned out to be rock hard. I set up the following a straight lead the line I'm using is Daiwa tournament in 6lb to a 0.18 colmic stream line to a maver cs24  size 18 , a pellet waggler with same reel line and hook length and hook, pole rigs was as all my floats now I have made by Mal salter, carbon stem with a roundish body which I use for all my fishing now apart from margin fishing in which I use the same float as years ago so strong and durable. 

On the day I set up 6 m line to b fed with pellets and meat, and a 13 m line of which was just pellets the reason I don't set up further is if the fish want to move out I can chase them out, then a margin rig and a shallow rig, margin rigs are 0.18 main line colmic stream to a 0.14 hook length, shallow rig 0.14 straight through. Hooks on the pole is turbertini 808 on the bottom as the fish not that big and margin it's a maver cs23 

I started the match on straight lead it got me 3 quick fish but u could tell early on it was going to be very hard nothing followed those 3 fish so went on pellet waggler one bite in a hour, it was all going so wrong little matty who I took under my wing was giving me a right battering on the next peg the fish just wouldn't move, I then tried the pole couple of skimmers but no f1's or carp back on pellet waggler nothing back on pole couple if f1's shallow and that's how the match just chasing a few fish turned out really really hard and the pegs which had room caught a few fish but with a weight of 27 lb which was good enough for 5 th in 12 peg section not a good start to the league. 

Well done to matty he had 57 lb 12 and section winner, the main list money all came from the far end of the lake where the wind was blowing roll on round two tight lines .


Smithys Angling Centre Sping League 2013 Results


Smithys Angling Centre Sping League 2013

21/04/13 Manor Farm Boundary

1st Matt Chapman - 88lb 2oz

Pellet Wag @ 30m and Pole @ 14.5m on pellet

2nd Terry James - 78lb 2oz

3rd Scott Smith - 76lb 14oz

4th Dave Holden - 65lb 14oz

14/04/13 Thorpe Fishery Tamworth

1st Dave Holden - 46lb 8oz

Casters and Maggots down the edge

2nd Bob Ellis - 46lb 2oz

3rd Scott Smith - 42lb 10oz

4th - Paul Ashton - 35lb 2oz


Smithy's fur & feather venue manor farm fishery 60 fished, Sunday December 9th,


Smithy's fur & feather venue manor farm fishery 60 fished, Sunday December 9th,

 With the temperatures dropping leading up to the match it was a case of drawing on a few fish, with the draw at the vineyard pub in which the breakfasts was very good the banter started to fly around and a good laugh was starting to happen, the draw took place with some familiar faces sat on the good pegs, with the weather not as bad for some people there was a few fish started to be caught apart from where I was.

Another bad draw was had from me never mind that's fishing still had a good laugh with people around me, as the unfolded there was a few fish caught on island pool middle pool fished hard apart from 1 peg or could it be the angler and boundary quite fair but lower weights,

final results

1st grant albutt 98lb

2nd Phil Suter 61.12

3rd Roy freeth 57.8

4th Gary waldren 42.8

5th Pete wedgebrow 39.0

6th Brian goodchild 38.14

winning method was straight lead and bread, 2 nd maggot feeder,

I would just like to say thank you to all my customers for a great turn out and for supporting me through the year.

Happy Christmas and New Year to all of you.

Tight lines


Wednesday November 21st Scott's match at Cobhouse


Wednesday November 21st Scott's match at Cobhouse,

 I decided to go to Cob house to see if I could follow last week’s match win, weather conditions absolutely horrendous heavy rain and very bad conditions greeted us at Cob house, the match was changed from laugherne to Wyatt’s as laugerne was flooded.

 I drew in the middle of the lake not that I was much bothered as the weather was that awful I would of just jumped in my van and came home, finally I got to my peg I decided to set up a method which I then changed for a straight lead and 2 pole rigs one for 13m 4x16 kc chimp 0.14 to 0.12 to maver grey hollow which is 8 - 10 elastic grade, to a turbertini 808 size 16.

At the start of the match I potted a full pot of micros pellets with a few 4 m pellets with a couple of Grains of corn at 13m and potted a few maggots down the edge in about 3 foot of water, I then chucked method feeder not good start resulting in 1 fish I threw straight lead No look there either

I left my pole line for a hour even though I couldn't catch on method or straight lead I think it is important to let the fish have confidence over your strong lines this time of year, I shipped my pole out to 13m with a piece of corn over my pellet line went straight under and just carried on feeding pellets and carried on catching Carp from 1.5 lb to 4 lb and stayed on that line 4 the rest of the match and ended up with 129 lb and match win so two match wins on the bounce tight lines everyone ..


Wednesday November 14th open at Cob house fishery laugerne island pool 18 fished


Wednesday November 14th open at Cob house fishery laugerne island pool 18 fished

 After a few mild days I thought the fishing could be good today so I set myself off Cob house fishery Worcester one of the best fishery's around. My one big gripe about the place there nets are shocking and broken you need great big long arms once you have landed the fish to even attempt to unhook them, they are miles to deep. Why don't all fishery's allow you to use your own nets as long as  they are left behind you to dry out before fishing commences as talking to a few people that know a lot about this kind of stuff this is by far the best way to kill any disease, right moan finished.

 I drew today peg 14 which isn't a bad area the tackle I set up was a inline method feeder, 4aa insert waggler, a straight lead all to b fished with pellets, a 14.5 m pole rig for on bottom with pellets to and a edge rig but about 4 m out from the bank in the deeper water to be fished with maggot.

I started off with method feeder tight to the island I had a carp after 10 min but slow after that so I decided to start to ping some 6m pellets over to the island and throw the straight lead over the top I had 5 quick fish on that then they backed off, I went onto my long pole line then and started to catch odd fish on corn, expander pellets and then maggots over pellets odd fish kept coming all the time.

 I then with 2 hours to go decided to have a look over my maggot line which if it goes under they are normally a lot bigger fish I put 4 red maggots on and lowered it in 3 minutes later and straight under 8 lb carp in the net , I then waited again for next bite but nothing came so fed a bit more left it and went back on long pole which kept giving me odd fish then went back down edge and under it went another carp about 6 pound this time and that's how it went on to the end of the match feed a bit leave it and go back onto it and have one ended up with 6 down the edge all good fish so this time of year keep changing.

I ended up with 126lb and match win 2nd 116lb, 3rd 104lb great weights for this time of year at a great fishery. Thank you and tight lines


Smithys Angling Centre Autumn Leugue Final Round Manor Farm Leisure Island Pool


Hello all good people,

Smithy's angling centre final round of autumn league was fished at manor farm leisure on island pool, I drew peg 33 which is situated with your back to ash pool wind over my head 32 would of been better as was end peg with a lot of room to your right.

 I set up the following method feeder 6 lb maxima to a Preston elasticated 30 gram feeder to 0.18 Hercules line and a Preston pr36 size 20, also set up a straight lead which was with 5 lb maxima to the same hook length and hook size as the method rod, a 5aa insert waggler 3 lb maxima to same hook a 0.18 again and pr36 banded hook length with a 6 m hard pellet.

 (Little tip keep your hard pellets for hook in some 100 per cent trout oil saves them breaking down in the water)

I then set up 1 pole rig 14.5m out kc carp chimp 0.14 to 0.12 with a pr36 size 20 for a hard banded pellet.

 I started off on straight lead with bread no feed after 10 min tip went round had a carp 4 lb good start, nothing followed that went onto method to island few liners which was coming off the line I was feeding for the waggler next door to me Gary booth was catching very well on waggler I decided to swap over 1st chuck on waggler set at half depth went straight under I caught on this method very well for the next hour and half have two fish at one depth then go deeper or shallower just keep moving your depth always be busy when fishing don't stop trying things.

The peg started to go away from me and no matter what I tried I couldn't get them back as I said earlier that's when the end peg comes into it as you have more water to find them I finished up with just over 50 lb and a 4 th in section which was my lowest section point of the league.

 I finished with 14 points which was enough to win the league by 3 points, 2nd Duncan Newton 17 points, 3rd Chris Newton 19 points, 4 th Jon Newton 23 points, very good league as it was the 1st one 4 that time of year. Keep looking at blog as my next matches coming up are a winter league teams of four at Cob house my team is myself, grant albutt, terry James & Kevin smith good team so fingers crossed.

Tight lines everyone


Manor Farm Leisure Autumn Leugue Round 4


Good Evening All,

So my match yesterday, I was quite happy at draw peg 33 on boundary, would of been happier with the wind in my face as I think it plays a big part at manor farm fishery as I think the fish follow the wind and don't like it flat calm.

I decided to set up a method rod, straight lead, and a normal waggler 5aa to fish at about 3ft, and a single pole rig at 14.5 m to 16 m, that was set up on maver 8 to 10 hollow elastic to 0.16 to 0.12 turbertini line to a turbertini 808 size 16 and a kc chimp float 4 x 18,

My match went as follows I potted a big handful of micro pellets with a few 4 m pellets and half a dozen pieces of corn at 14.5 m and will leave that line 4 a good 2 hours.

I started on straight lead with some 6 m and 8 m discs of bread no feed just chucked it into open water stayed on that for 30 min never had a sign so then picked up method rod fished that for a hour couple of liners but no fish starting to get a bit worried now as I could see my apprentice little Matty Chapman catching and odd fish starting to be caught around the lake

 I knew I would catch on pole, but like to leave it for the fish to settle, whilst fishing method I was feeding my straight lead line and waggler line all the time with 6 m pellets, so after a unsuccessful hour on method I went onto my straight lead line hoping for it to be ripped off the rest but no luck there after half hour so then picked up waggler rod after catching well on it on the Wednesday before I thought I might have a fish hopefully.

With 3 bites and no fish god what was happening nearly 3 hours and not a fish and staring last in section I threw straight lead out again after feeding quite heavy whilst on waggler to see if anything was underneath put it in rest and round it went f1 about 3 pound thank god so at after 3 hours 1st fish one more skimmer on that right time to pick pole up nothing at start then a bite after 10 min on 2 pieces of the skin of a the corn f1 in the net with regularly feeding with catapult of 4 m pellets started to have odd fish very hard though I knew now I was pulling a few places back but was still low down in section needed a quick run of fish so with still feeding waggler line decided to have a throw on that as that can turn on it late and be very good , no not a chance 1 f1, back on pole last 20 min for 3 more f1.

 As I blew the whistle I thought what a disaster today was and I was well down in section, I ended up with 31 lb 4 oz, and 2 nd in section well chuffed after a disaster start 

And beat my apprentice by a pound and took his section money ha ha so another pound coin off him and another one off Mr. booth thank you, we'll done to Duncan can’t put an angler like Duncan on a peg that has form as he will make the most of it well done mate, roll on next week at packington could be dodgy for me as never been the place before may after have a look Wednesday,

Tight lines




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